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Silver-plated Holy Icon - Christ the Teacher

Silver-plated Holy Icon - Christ the Teacher

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This iconic silver-plated riza, featuring a hand painted copy of oly Icon of Christ the Teacher from the XVII century, boasts a highly polished .999 sterling silver coating that perfectly encapsulates its beautiful and timeless subject.

  • hand-painted on hardwood using oil paints
  • The icon features metal hook for hanging.
  • To preserve the longevity of the icon covered several times with emulsion, and after completion covered with preservative material (i.e. varnish
  • Our icons are Silver-plated
  • In our icons we use high quality  Schauer jeweler's enamel

Size: 30.5cm x 26cm x 2cm 
Materials: solid hardwood panel, oil paints, varnish, silver-plated copper plate, Schauer jeweler's enamel

Beautiful icon of Christ the Teacher. The icon features metal hook for hanging.

In Jesus' teaching, the central theme was the Kingdom of God (heavenly); by it he meant the sphere of God's reign, in which everyone (even a sinner or wretch) can already find themselves by changing their lives - but it will only be fully revealed in the end times. 

Style: SP-Icon41

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Due to the fact that we are a small family workshop, we have limited storage capacity. Most of our orders are made on the spot, immediately after paying for the order by the customer. Due to the above and taking into account the fact that our icons are made entirely by hand, the average lead time is 2 weeks plus delivery time.
In the case of icons made on special order, this time may be extended.
Some of our icons are available immediately, if you have any questions please contact us:


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    We offer services to businesses (gift shops, bookstores, monastery stores) that would like to purchase from our goods, either once but large quantities, or repeatedly with even few items.

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