Hand Painted Icons

Beautifuly crafted hand painted icons using a variety of techniques and materials: gold leaf, szlagmetal, oil pain. Each approach creates a unique result that can elevate the look of any product, giving you something to treasure and enjoy.

About Icon Art

Founded in 1992, Icon Art workshop is a family business dedicated to the art of iconography. Our roots lie in the deep interest and admiration for sacred art, as well as the mastery of writing icons using original techniques like repoussage and carving. In our store, you will find a collection mainly consisting of 18-19th-century Greek-Catholic icon replicas. However, if you have a specific icon in mind, we are more than capable of crafting a faithful reproduction upon request.

Hand painted Icon of Gypsy Mother of God

Hand Painted Icons - Virgin Mary

The Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, is one of the...