Collection: Byzantine Icons

The word Icon comes from the Greek word Eikon, which means "image." Byzantine Icons are commonly known as the art of Eastern Orthodox Christianity (the branch of Christianity originally from Byzantium, Syria, Lebanon, Cyprus, Jordan, Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria and Russia). However, Byzantine Icons are much more. For the eye they depict religious or patriotic stories from the Bible, the Chronicle, Saints' lives (zhitie), and other Christian themes. Beyond that Byzantine Icons are both images of a more perfect world that Christians believe exists within or behind the world we can see, as well as objects of prayer and adoration. Byzantine icons were, and still are, made for prayer and liturgical usage in churches, as well as for personal prayers at home or on the road. Byzantine icons were often so artistically and expertly crafted that they drew the attention of individual collectors and museums alike. Today, Byzantine icons can be seen in churches and museums all over the world. 

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Our collection of Holy Byzantine Icons are accurate replicas of Byzantine art with subjects drawn from originals in museums, monasteries and private collections. 

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