Hand-Painted Icon

This is a premium quality icon painted using traditional technique – genuine gold leaf 22kt, acrylic paint, lime wood panel with slats on the back, varnish

About our icons

ICON ART offers hand-painted religious icons that follow the Russian, Greek, Byzantine and Roman Catholic traditions. We proude ourselfs with more than 30 years of experience in modern iconography. Each and every icon that we sell in our online store is absolutely unique!


Most of our icons are painted on solid natural wood boards (0.8 inch thick). The rest of the materials used are strongly individual and depend on the techniques used by iconographer. In most cases they use tempera, oil or powder paints, varak, gold leaf (foil), varnish and other materials.

Need a larger sized icon?

We can paint an icon in any size! If you need an icon sized different than what we offer, please contact us for more information.